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STEP 1 – Consider Your Options

Planning a trip to Africa may seem daunting, so we’ve solved the mystery by providing these Five Steps for you to follow in sequence. You can always phone or email us with questions.

Step One is the easiest and most fun . . .

Consider Your Dream.  Consider Your Options.

Before you rush into booking your trip to Tanzania, take a moment with yourself and your team to consider what you’d really like to do.  What to see.  To accomplish.  Your bucket list.

Read and research. Study maps. Dream.

Consider Mt Kilimanjaro. It is one of the world’s great mountains, an icon, a behemoth, a phenomenon. At 19,336 feet, this glacier-capped volcano is the highest point of Africa, and is made more impressive soaring above the lower plains of Tanzania and Kenya. It is an attractive climb and so 25,000 attempts are made every year by, with half succeeding. It is a relatively easy hiking experience, without technical climbing. The summit is reached in a 40-mile round trip, with the option of several different approach trails, which requires 3 to 7 days depending on your preference for elevation gain. Read descriptions of each Kili routes.

Consider a Safari with extraordinary wildlife viewing in several of Tanzania’s national parks which are filled with the “big five” as well as many other animals and flora. A safari can last one day to two weeks, with the average being 5 days. Hotels and “wildcamp” tents offer comfortable and safe accommodations. View photos and descriptions of Safari camps.

Combination packages of Kilimanjaro and Safari is an easy way to book a trip and obtain a discount.

Additional adventures include cultural and nature day trips around Moshi as well as multi-day explorations of Zanzibar for snorkel, scuba, and historic Stonetown. Those on Safari may wish to add a hot air balloon view of wildlife, night excursion, or visit to a Masai village. Read details of additional adventures.

So consider your interests and the number of days you’d like to devote for each. Then select what time of year best fits your schedule. Zara operates year-round to accommodate your interests. Refer to our FAQs for what to expect in each month for Kilimanjaro and Safari. Please realize that your booking process may take more than a month, considering some time-consuming procedures such as visas and vaccinations.

Finally, consider the type of comfort you expect. There are many operators in Tanzania; some are inexpensive and some are luxury. Experienced travelers understand that best value operators like Zara Tours give you the most value for each dollar spent, while reducing your risk. For more ideas, read "How to Choose an Operator."

Zara Tours owns and operates all facilities for your Tanzania adventure. We are boots-on-the-ground, not resellers, of operations in Tanzania. We ARE the tour operator, with salaried employees, hotels, restaurants, an international customer base, and local guides & staff who speak English and have an average length of employment of 10 years. If not booking directly online with us, ask your travel professional to book with an established, flexible, reputable firm. Zara has over 25 year of experience and is the largest tour operator in Tanzania. For more facts, read "Why Zara?"

Feel somewhat confident of your dream? Then boldly proceed ahead . . .