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STEP 5 – Pack and Train

This is final step for your trip to Africa! You’ve survived the tedious steps of logistical planning, so now enjoy the fun part – pack clothing & gear and train for your climb and safari.


As you study our section on packing lists for travel, climbing, and safari, consider the location to which you’re traveling – East Central Africa. Imagine the weather you expect to encounter. Tanzania is an outdoor kind of place, so be prepared to spend most of your time in the elements, mostly sun, but also rain, and, when on Kilimanjaro, cold.

Recommended packing lists are provided for each of our activities. To view them, under Reservations, select a general category, and a specific activity. Click on the photo/more info, and one of the options is Recommended Gear List.


You’re headed to Africa, so now’s the time to train. Obviously, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro requires physical exertion so prepare yourself for that with a training schedule that prepares your body and mind for hiking and outdoor camping.

Training also takes the form of preparing yourself intellectually for the new world you are about to explore. Read about the history of Tanzania, Kilimanjaro, Safari, Zanzibar, and Africa. If climbing, read trip reports and view online videos. If on safari, read about the animals and flora you expect to encounter. Familiarize with photos. Bring a translation book for Swahili and begin using phrases with your teammates prior to arrival.