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We guide you step by step to booking your adventure directly with tour operators.

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STEP 2 - Reserve Your Itinerary

Now that you have of an idea of what you want to do, let’s create an itinerary with our exclusive on-line system. There’s no cost and no obligation. And keep in mind that once you receive your price quote and itinerary, you can modify it, once you know your flights, or have changes in personal preference, or wish to add side trips. Simply email the Zara Tours Reservation Manager.

Explore each option below to shop for your adventure (or go to the left menu and select Quote Now or Trips & Pricing).  Unique to Zara Tours, our shopping cart booking engine allows you to directly pick different options for climbing, safari, combination packages, existing groups, and specific add-ons. You are not dependent on an agent or reseller.

Each specific trip has a detailed itinerary for you to examine, as well as recommended gear to bring, and travel tips.

Investigate Group Options to earn a discount by joining an existing group which has available space on dates already set (groups limited to 18 max on Kilimanjaro).

Consider “add-ons” such as gear rental, side trips, and extra days for the mountain or hotel. These Add-ons will be suggested once you place an activity in your on-line shopping cart. A "single supplement" is available for those wishing a solo trip with just their guide. Some climbers with special needs (eg, extra camera equipment) may want to add a "personal porter." If you don't see something you'd like, just ask us!

View pricing as you assemble you trip. When finished you’ll receive your unique itinerary. If you have a larger group, each party can receive their own itinerary and quote. View an example of an on-line quote.

Your quote will be transferred to the Zara Reservation Manager in Tanzania who will assume responsibility for customizing your itinerary exactly the way you desire. You will be in direct contact. Changes can be made. View an example of a customized itinerary.

Your dream is taking shape in terms of activities and durations. Now consider the exact dates you want and shop for the best airfare rates.