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Zara Charity from the Beginning

Written by: John Mitchler on Tuesday, May 17, 2016

ZARA Charity (ZCO) is a registered non-profit organization that harnesses the power of tourism in Tanzania to help sustain and empower local people through grounded community based initiatives.     Read More . . .

Meet the Men Climbing Kilimanjaro Every Day

Written by: John Mitchler on Tuesday, April 12, 2016

While the lucky few of us will get the chance to scale Mount Kilimanjaro once in our lives and live to tell the tale, there is a group of local men who spend each and every day climbing up and down the rocky slopes of Africa’s highest peak. With expert knowledge of the terrain and with a good few kilograms weighing them down, the porters of Kilimanjaro help visitors traverse the mountain all year round.    Read More . . .

Zara Charity Update

Written by: Kathy Dalsaso on Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Zara Tanzania Charity, created by Zara Tours owner Zainab Ansell is a non-government organization established since June 2009 under non-government organization act 2002 section 12(2) of act no.24  Zara charity plays a vital role enhancing community economic development especially by supporting vulnerable groups in the community such as orphans, maasai women group, and porters who climb mount Kilimanjaro and Meru through various community project as follows:    Read More . . .