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Affordable African Safari with Zara Tours Adventures


Dec 29,2016

Affordable African Safari with Zara Tours Adventures

Written by: Diana Rowe 

For animal and nature lovers, an African safari is a trip of a lifetime.  On an African safari, you'll come face-to-face with Mother Nature and her animals in a diverse continent with diverse countries. Few travelers return from a safari the same way they arrived. It's an off-the-beaten-path trip full of absolute joy, with memories that will last a lifetime.

Why Zara for your African Safari?

With over 20 years experience as a qualified safari tours operation in Tanzania, booking your African safari with Zara will assure you an experience you will remember for a lifetime. Zara has a reputation as one of the best-valued and most reliable operators in the region.

Zara offers 88 registered guides and a felt of 4x4 Land rovers, 4x4 mini buses, and 4x4 Land Cruisers. All of these vehicles are equipped with viewing roofs, so your safari adventure will truly be the best.  Vehicles usually used are Toyota Land Cruisers or Land Rovers, which are most suited to the terrain. However, for larger groups who prefer to stay together, we use 4WD buses.

English Speaking Tanzanians will be your guide, and we also offer German and Spanish speaking guides. The majority of Zara guides are full-time employees, who have been trained in customer relationship, tourism-related topics, environmental issues -- and of course sharing their knowledge and stories of the Tanzania Game Reserves.

Best Time to Book your Safari

Safaris are conducted throughout the year, with exact locations dependent on the yearly migration of wildlife.

  • From December to March the animals are in the eastern Serengeti. In April and May they move to the western part. Other national parks do not have migrations.
  • For safaris, there are two rainy seasons. The November rainy season has short but strong rains, maybe an hour of rain every three days. During the April-May rainy season, it is possible to have 2 consecutive days of nonstop rain, and some roads become impassable.
  • During Peak Season from Christmas to January, prices are high and hotel rooms are filled.
  • Low Season is October-November, April-May, and early June, and Zara offers discounts and special itineraries.Click here --> for more answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Book Your Budget-Friendly and Affordable African Safari

And unfortunately sometimes the cost of embarking on just such a trip can also last a lifetime due to its expense. But this is not so with Zara Tours Adventures, offering affordable African safaris.  Zara is able to offer the best value as the company runs their own hotels and tented camps, conveniently located along the most popular routes through the northern Tanzania National Parks. From 1 day safari in Arusha National Park to 8 days/7night Northern Tanzania Safari, whatever your dream safari is, we can make it happen. Contact us now to book your African Safari.

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