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Kilimanjaro – Oldest and Youngest Climbers


Aug 17,2018

Kilimanjaro – Oldest and Youngest Climbers

Written by: John Mitchler

In 2017, two residents of Vail Colorado achieved summit age extremes, and did so just two days apart, without realizing the other was on the mountain! Dr Fred Distelhorst stood on Kilimanjaro's summit on July 20, 2017, at age 88, and two days later Zach Meltz stood on the same spot at age 9.

Many “firsts” are made trekking Kilimanjaro, including age records, speed records, disabilities, and odd summit traditions (such as pizza delivery, golf swings, and costumes), although attempting these can be risky business if focus is not given to the altitude, weather, and physical well being. Tracking the records can be tricky too. Records don't last long. Fred had eclipsed Robert Wheeler's age record set in 2014. Zach saw his "record" eclipsed by Cash Callahan (age 7) in January 2018. Possibly unbeknownst by Zach, Roxy Getter (age 8) had reached the top ten days before him and Keats Boyd (age 7) reached the top in 2008. Special permission must be obtained for children under 10 years of age.

The oldest female to summit is Angela Vorobeva of Russia in 2015 at age 86.

The mountain draws amazing people, with incredible drive and energy to push beyond assumed limits. Some Kilimanjaro climbers pursue the Seven Summits or attempt a new record. Some use this iconic trek as a fundraiser. And most are simply drawn by the bucket-list challenge of most recognized mountain in the world. Congratulations to all! Contact Zara Tours Adventures to make your dream come true.

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