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Peru added to Zara Tours Adventures


Nov 04,2015

Peru added to Zara Tours Adventures

Written by: John Mitchler


Once you have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and experienced a Safari in Tanzania, how about Peru!

Zara Tours is proud to announce it is partnering with Peru's top Adventure Company.

Zara Tanzania Adventures, the US subsidiary of Zara is located in Golden Colorado and helps customers book directly with other local Tour Operators around the World, including Explorandes.

So who is the largest, oldest and most established Tour Operator in Peru?  Explorandes!

Back in 1975, Explorandes was  the first adventure company to operate commercial treks on the Incan Trail, as well as to Choquequirao and in the Carabaya Mountain Range. Since then, they have been providing adventurers with authentic life-changing experiences in Peru. Explorandes ensures the quality of trips, by operating their own programs in Cuzco, Huaraz, Lima and Puno, surpassing clients´ expectations in travel experiences, as their planning expertise enables them to design programs that fit  interests and ensure the best adventure vacation. 

As you travel to remote places in Peru and have drop-off points, you will experience new stimuli, and perform, according to physical capabilities at crossing landscapes. Explorandes knows the feeling of adventure, being the pioneers since 1975. From the Inca Trail, to mountain climbing, mountain biking and kayaking, Explorandes provides travelers with unforgettable experiences.


The ancient capital city of the Incan Empire is the country´s most popular destination by far. Steeped in history and archaeological sites, surrounded by marvelous Andean mountain landscapes and with easy access to the lowland Amazon Basin, it is undoubtedly a monumental gateway to many great adventures, among which the Incan Trail to Machu Picchu is only the top of the iceberg.


Lima, the capital of modern Peru, also known as “The City of Kings” in colonial times, sits on top of a cliff, overlooking a bay on the Pacific Ocean. Modern Lima’s buildings and skyscrapers blend with colonial palaces and churches of its glorious past, into a colorful and exuberant urban environment. Like its inhabitants, Lima is an intriguing and exotic mixture of races, styles, cultures and traditions. With its world-class cuisine, UNESCO World Heritage City Center, spectacular museums, pre-Incan pyramids, scattered throughout the metropolis and picturesque surroundings, Lima offers visitors a unique cultural experience.


Paracas and Nazca are located on the Southern Coast of Peru. These multi-activity destinations are surrounded by spectacular golden deserts. The Nazca Lines are located in the Pampa of San Jose, on an area of 50 km². These ancient geo-glyphs depict animals and plants, and some of them can reach up to 300 meters in length, and occupy an area of 1,000 m².

Lake Titicaca

Puno is the capital city of the region that bears the same name. This lakeside city is the gateway to some of Southern Peru’s most awe-inspiring natural scenarios, traditional towns and fascinating local cultures. Its most famous attraction is Lake Titicaca. This magical scenery has been the home of many cultures. There, one can visit the Uros, on their floating reed islands, or the traditional communities on the islands of Taquile and Amantani and the lakeside community of Llachón, where we launched Titikayak; a unique sea kayaking adventure program, on the world´s highest navigable lake, surrounded by vast highland savannahs and pastures, spread around colonial and traditional villages.

Zara Tours Adventures (ZTA) is the US subsidiary for Zara Tours and is located in the American Mountaineering Center in Golden Colorado. Visit ZTA's on-line shopping cart to book direct with the Tour Operator, Zara Tours. You save money and time, while feeling secure with USA-based experts. ZTA also offers soft adventure at other destinations.

Zara Tours, founded in 1987, is currently the No. 1 Kilimanjaro outfitter in Tanzania and one of the largest safari operators in the country. They are proud to be recognized as one of the best operators in the region with a reputation for providing an exceptional, unforgettable, and safe experience, Zara owns and operates two hotels, four wild camps, and a fleet of Land Rovers, with 15% of all revenue given directly to Zara Charities which operates a school and orphanage, and supports their guides and porters with a salary, courses, and equipment. Visit our web site to learn more about Zara's awards and their charity programs.

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