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Tanzania Land of Wonders


Mar 09,2016

Tanzania Land of Wonders

Written by: Kathy Dalsaso

A True Adventure  Many of us have grown up with imagery of an African safari. Documentaries continue to expose us to the splendour of Africa, while public awareness campaigns constantly remind us of how frail and vulnerable African wildlife can be. Ivory hunting places elephants in danger, while rhino horns continue to be sold on the black market, and magnificent hunters like the world famous Cecil the lion continue to be stalked by human predators.
Tanzania is one of the last refuges where people can still have the adventure of a true African safari tour, seeing the wildebeests, watching lions in their own habitat, and experiencing a brush with nature that is sadly dwindling as we continue to exploit our resources and our wildlife. With a Tanzania safari, you can have an experience unlike any other, getting away from the cold clinical images you see on television to experience the African wilderness for yourself.

You can also visit some of the great natural landscapes of our world Mt. Kilimanjaro, which is the largest mountain in Africa and a very popular climbing destination. Lake Victoria, is the largest tropical lake in the world, and the second largest fresh water lake on the planet, looking more like a sea than a lake when you arrive at its shores. And for those that are interested in culture, the Maasai people of Tanzania offer a rich look into a semi-nomadic way of life that is still an impressive testament to how humanity can live in harmony with nature, rather than attempting to subdue it.

There is no place in the world quite like Africa, and there is no experience of Africa quite like a Tanzania safari. It is an unforgettable journey of sights, sounds, people, landscapes, animals and culture that will live in your heart forever. Tanzania is ready to welcome you and Zara Tours is here to help with your African safari dreams.

Statement: Tanzania offers a taste of the pure African experience that puts you front and center in one of the great landscapes and natural wonders of our planet.

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