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Travel to Tanzania with Zara Tours Adventures


Jun 10,2017

Travel to Tanzania with Zara Tours Adventures

Zara Tours Unveils New And Newly Renovated Lodges In Tanzania

Read about the Zara Tours properties in Tanzania!  Zara has two offices in the US one in Golden CO, and a second in Oswego IL.  We help you book directly with the operator on the ground in Tanzania, no fees or mark-up for commission, but represent the owners and operate as an arm of the Corporate Office.
Zara has the only on-line shopping cart where you can quote your trip in real time, no waiting for returned phone calls or emails.  This allows you to see the itineraries, pricing options, and the different add-on's.  If a Tanzania safari or a Kilimanjaro trek is on your bucket list, book with Zara Tours Adventures in the US!   If you work with or are a travel consultant or travel agent, please visit our site and call us for net rates, allowing you and your customers complete transparency about the trip, operator, and cost!  Do something different, exciting, life changing - visit Tanzania, a kind, beautiful part of Africa.  How about a balloon ride over the Serengeti!

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