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Wildlife Safari One of Hottest Travel Trends 2017


Jan 22,2017

Wildlife Safari One of Hottest Travel Trends 2017

Written by: Diana Rowe

Forbes named a wildlife safari one of the hottest travel trends in 2017. But we already knew that, which is why we offer affordable African Safaris. If you're an animal and nature lover, chances are a wildlife safari is already on your bucket list.  As it should be!  On an African safari, you'll literally come face to face with Mother Nature and her animals in a diverse continent with equally diverse landscapes and wildlife.

In this travel trend article, Forbes contributor Larry Olmsted says, "When I started in travel writing almost 25 years ago, the world seemed a much bigger place, and editors constantly turned down pitches by saying “that’s too exotic” or “no one will ever go there” – about places like Bali and Patagonia. Far off destinations like Australia or South Africa were deemed once in a lifetime trips because of the distance, but with more non-stop flights and much faster routes to Asia, that is no longer the case – in 2015 I went to South Africa twice in a 5-week span."

Olmsted also notes that today Americans (and other nations) have become much more worldly and adventurous travelers, and it is not just about how far these travelers are willing to go. "There's an explosion in what the industry calls experiential travel, which means actually doing something on vacation, not just relaxing on a beach, and that has fueled an explosion in active travel, culinary travel, wildlife travel and more."

On his list of hottest travel trends in 2017, he says "GO ON SAFARI!"  We echo that sentiment and agree that if you have not been, you are missing what we feel (as does Olmsted) is truly the world's bucket list trip.

Our South African safaris will wow you from the first moment. This is an adventure of a lifetime. What you see on a safari will likely inspire you for the rest of your life. We're talking close encounters with wild lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo; spectacular sunsets; vibrant cultures radically different from what we are familiar with in the United States; a world of new sights, sounds, and smells.

Nothing matches the anticipation of leaving camp at first light, excited at the animals you will personally see that day.

Serengeti National Park is perhaps one of the most popular safari destinations and most famous for its migration. Over a million wildebeest and about 200,000 zebras flow south from the northern hills to the southern plains for the short rains every October and November. Then swirl west and north after the long rains in April, May and June. So strong is the ancient instinct to move that no drought, gorge or crocodile infested river can hold them back.  Can you even imagine?

We invite you to join Zara Tours Adventures and fulfill your bucket list travel of experiencing an African wildlife safari. Our safaris are budget and family friendly.

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