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Zara Tanzania Adventures – Best Value Trekking and Safari Company


Apr 05,2017

Zara Tanzania Adventures – Best Value Trekking and Safari Company

Written by: Kathy Dalsaso

Zara, Zara everywhere. What does it mean?

Zara Tanzania Adventures is the official corporate name of this family owned, Tanzania based Tour Operator. It began in 1987 by a woman named Zainab Ansell and her husband Roger Ansell. Get it? ZARA are the initials for this amazing couple who started with the dream of helping people reach the top of Kilimanjaro, and now they have grown their business into the largest operator in Tanzania, with over 1,000 employed guides, a fleet of 40 Land Rovers, and built 6 Zara Properties! This photo shows Springlands Hotel, the main headquarters at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Not only does the Zara team receive grand reviews on Summit Post, Trip Advisor, etc., the company has received countless awards and operates Zara Charities, to which the corporation contributes 15% of all profits.

The magic of Zara is the focus of the company, to help people experience adventure! For this reason, Zara has opened several subsidiaries over the 30 years, with plans for several more coming soon.

Zara Tours Adventures - USA subsidiary with two locations CO, and IL (

Zara Tours Canada - Canada subsidiary with one location in Toronto (

Zara Tours UK - United Kingdom subsidiary with on location in London (

Zara and the subsidiaries collaborate to reach people from all over the world. We work direct with individuals, groups, charities, re-sellers, travel agents, and travel agent consortiums. How can we do that you ask? We offer pricing transparency through the publication of quotes on-line, and by offering commission to the travel trade. This means that as a consumer, if you are comfortable viewing on-line the sites listed above and booking directly with our company, then you will obtain the lowest quote, plus we are here to assist you if needed. If you are more comfortable going to your travel agent, then please have them call us and we can work with them to offer preferred pricing so they get paid for their effort and time, and you receive the same price. Regardless of which method you prefer, as the client, you will benefit from the best value pricing offered in Tanzania. We are here to help make your adventure dreams come true!

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